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The Law Office Of Bola Akinnusi Assists Clients With Challenging Citizenship Concerns

Citizenship provides privileges that others may not enjoy. This includes the right to vote and to seek protection under the law and yet applying for citizenship is complex. It’s difficult to understand the restrictions and requirements. And the failure to follow procedures may lead to rejection of your citizenship application.

The Law Office of Bola Akinnusi can help you. Based in Toronto, we offer legal services to individuals and families. We will help you apply for citizenship and guide you through the process. In the event you face a citizenship appeal or revocation of your citizenship status, we will fight to protect your rights and concerns.

Applying For Canadian Citizenship

To become a Canadian citizen by permanent residency status, you will need to live in our country for three years. Also, to qualify for citizenship, you will need to take a citizenship knowledge test with the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) staff. Such a test is to show whether you can adequately communicate in English or French. The IRCC also wants you to demonstrate your understanding of the privileges and rights that come along with being a Canadian citizen.

Our staff understands the barriers to citizenship, and we understand what steps to take to best achieve your goals. As an Ontario lawyer, Bola Akinnusi makes herself available to provide updates on your matter and to answer any questions. She can address any citizenship questions you may have. The guidance she provides concerning achieving citizenship is invaluable.

When You Face Revocation Of Your Citizenship

The Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act (SCCA) includes additional grounds for revocation of citizenship. And as the SCCA streamlined the process for revocation proceedings, the need for immediate action is even greater.

Whether it concerns citizenship or citizenship revocation, lawyer Bola Akinnusi understands the obstacles you face. She does this by keeping up to date on a citizenship revocation process that is constantly evolving. She uses her knowledge and experience in the protection of your rights.

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