Knowledgeable Handling Of Immigration Appeals

At The Law Office of Bola Akinnusi, we know what steps to take to appeal an adverse outcome. Lawyer Bola Akinnusi has successfully represented individuals and families throughout Ontario in appeals cases for over 10 years.

The Immigration Appeal Division

It is possible to appeal any refusal of an immigration application in Canada. An appeal may take place in federal court or at the Immigration Appeals Division.

Appeals to the Immigration Appeal Division are available for citizens, permanent residents and those granted refugee status. Such appeals include:

  • Removal order appeals. If there is an order for removal of a permanent resident, it is necessary to appeal such a removal order within 30 days.
  • Sponsorship appeals. The deadline for such an appeal is 30 days following the receipt of a refusal letter.
  • Residency appeals. In the event one loses the status of permanent residency, it is necessary to appeal such a matter within 60 days.

During such an appeal, you can testify, call witnesses and present evidence. The Immigration Appeal Division will look at the legality of the decision and also decide whether humanitarian and compassionate grounds may factor in.

Due to deadlines, there is no time for delay in filing an appeal. Also, there are rules and procedures concerning the presentation of evidence. It is therefore important to have a lawyer on your side who has an extensive understanding of the process.

Trying Your Appeal In Federal Court

Appeals to federal court can take place when immigration authorities refuse a citizenship or residency application. In such instances, the Federal Court of Canada can review the determination to decide whether such a rejection was legally or procedurally proper.

There are other instances where an appeal can take place due to delays in determinations. The Federal Court can then step in and request immigration authorities to complete the process through an order of mandamus.

Bola Akinnusi understands what your options are available to you and will review with you your various legal options and advise you concerning your chances for success during the initial consultation. She will pursue the sort of strategy that better assures the best possible outcome.

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