Helping You Obtain Permanent Or Temporary Residency

A permanent residency and temporary residency allows for you and your family to receive a variety of benefits ordinarily reserved for Canadian citizens. This includes living and working in Canada while receiving protection under our laws. In time, it may also allow for you to apply for Canadian citizenship.

The Law Office of Bola Akinnusi strives to take the stress out of the legal process. Our firm has over a decade of experience in dealing with complex immigration issues and we can apprise you of all of your legal options.

Obtaining Permanent Residency

There are a variety of programs for obtaining permanent residency.

One can obtain permanent residency through:

  • The Federal Skilled Worker program or the Provincial Nominee Program. Such programs allow for you to work in Canada to contribute to the economy.
  • Various business immigration programs. If you wish to set up a business in Canada, you may be able to utilize such programs will allow for you to achieve permanent residence.
  • Family member sponsorship. The support of another family member sometimes can help in achieving permanent residency.
  • Humanitarian and compassionate grounds. You may be able to achieve permanent residency by demonstrating your health or safety is at risk in the country you wish to immigrate from.

Our office will help to ensure full compliance with the application process. We will be there with you every at every step.

Establishing Temporary Residency

Temporary residency is for anyone entering Canada for a limited time. Achieving temporary residency status allows for individuals to work in Canada temporarily, stay in the country to study, or obtain a visitor's visa.

Our lawyer and staff will provide you and your family the representation you require when pursuing temporary residency. We will help you understand your options and guide you through the application process.

When Your Residency Status Is In Jeopardy

It is important to not take permanent or temporary residency for granted. One can lose their residency status by failing to comply with the application process, or as the result of conviction of a serious crime. If revocation of permanent residency is a possibility, our office will provide aggressive representation for you.

Start Working On Your Application Now

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